SMSF Setup Fees

The table below details the SMSF Setup fees.  

The fees are only applicable when you have made the decision to establish a SMSF and do not include any advise fees regarding the appropriateness of a SMSF meeting your individual needs.

All prices include GST (if applicable) – current as at 1st May 2015

Option 1: Trustee Company and Trust Deed Set-up (No GST on ASIC Fees) Explore Super recommends the use of a Corporate Trustee – See our Information Sheet


New SMSF Set-up Form


Option 2:  Individual Trustees – Trust Deed & Set-up


New SMSF Set-up Form

Additional – Borrowing Structure (No GST on ASIC Fees)

10 Steps to the SMSF Borrowing Process


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*NOTE: Deed, Company constitution, and Attorney documents are prepared by a lawyer, Explore Super only provides the information and acts as a facilitator on your behalf. Explore Super is not involved in the drafting or preparation of the documents.

SMSF Setup